11 January 2009

i like your failure

So. failed projects. started and stopped projects and projects that haven't quite left my head to make it to paper yet.

1. Monsters (it's been an uphill battle, indeed.)

2. Swallowing Quarters. I've gotten some place, i have no idea where it is, but it is a place and i plant to run with it.

Would you please tell me what swallowing quarters means?

"swallowing quarters is when you eat those $1 words that you don't want to mean. those words you say to him or her (or him and her) that are nothing but trouble for someone."

"swallowing quarters is like keeping solid syllables from stumbling out like leachy, peach-pit, (little) verbs. (imaginary nouns, too. although some opt for abstract.)"

"swallowing quarters is for vending machines. don't forget that."

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