07 December 2008

paper keys get you everywhere

So I've figured out how I want my keys to look. I tried paper mache, plaster casting and so on and so forth...even cutting them out of Yupo. But, card board it is.

Obviously, inaccessibility is important. But I'm also looking at replacement. These keys were keys sitting around the garage for the last 20+ years and no one actually knows what they're for, short of the key that came with the lock.

I've come across several wood boxes that are divided into 3 compartments (thank you HRM gift shop). I think those boxes and these keys will be combined.

As for the jewelry box from oh-so-long-ago, it's almost done. a few more layers of wax and we'll call it.

Pictures and pictures to follow.

But, if I may be so bold, what do you think when you see these keys? Rude, polite, fantastic, whatever. I need some words for it.


xiaoliang said...

i think it's an interesting reaction when we see the paper keys and naturally want to insert them into their proper keyholes--the form of the key almost insists on the function. of course, if we were to actually try to turn the cardboard key inside a keyhole it wouldn't work, which is why keys are made out of metal and paper keys are logically very impractical. so the paper keys cause sort of a conflict and forces the viewer to pause and reassess assumptions. a paper key is not a real key and yet here we are looking for the keyholes. maybe it's disorienting to have the form but devoid of function. who would make a key when there's no keyhole?

i'd like to see the paper keys put on maybe a twine loop rather than the metal keyrings, though this would make it less practical to remove and replace them.

makeyounosense said...

i like that you're picking up on expectations. i think that's an interesting point and one i often take for granted with a lot of the objects i'm working on. they are usually more general items--i only call the jewelry box a jewelry box because that's what i bought it as, however, it's really just a box that could have been on a desk, held silverware, etc. the expectation that you are supposed to use a key is something i find intriguing. you expect to un/lock something but you would never be able to with these keys.

my choice of metal key rings comes from copying keys that were originally on that key ring. i'm replacing the artifacts (keys) with place holders of sorts. at least, that's how i'm thinking about it at the moment.

i think this is turning into a blog of its own. haha, thanks for the ideas.


Pat said...

Is the paper key supposed to be a lesson of futility? The key is placed next to a real lock? I like it.