13 October 2008

when in doubt, draw a monster

This is the artist's proof for "if i was a monster, i wouldn't even know my name". My answer to my friends' attempt at a theme show: When in doubt, draw a monster.

I've loved the idea since the moment it was shared with me. I'm going to conference with these friends and see if I can turn this into a mail-art project. We all send monsters to each other. Regardless, I'm going to make this a limited edition of 50-60 postcards. I'm keeping 10 for myself, and mailing the rest out to people with one request, they send me their monster in return. (the mail-art permissions would be to later display monsters...if it comes to that).

As for the to-do list, I'm getting closer to finishing it off. Closer, not done, though.

Yesterday I played with plaster and paper mache to make some keys. The paper mache worked a lot better than the plaster, but I'm pretty sure that's because I have no idea what I'm doing with the plaster. If these keys are going to get made, I need to figure something else out. But the box is looking good and is almost done. So, at least the biggest part is completed, even if the biggest is not the most complex.

And! I entered the Bridge Art Fair juried competition for Art Basel Miami. (that was a mouth full). The gallery is not yet up on my myartspace.com page, but it will most likely be a series of drawings I was working on for a good part of the year.

And so it is, I'm attempting to get things done.

12 October 2008

inaction is the new black

If I publicly admit that I've been plagued by laziness, maybe it'll help pass more easily.

Here is the master to-do list that I've made for now.

1. Update the blog
2. Draft my statement
3. Edit my resume
4. Investigate with plaster mold making for keys
5. Make my monster postcard
6. Clean the studio in preparation for workworkwork
7. Apply for residencies.

And off I go.